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IGNITION meets each student at their level and instills the successful reading habits they'll use for the rest of their lives.
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IGNITION teaches four foundational comprehension strategies for advanced literacy.

Use Your Senses

The easiest way into any text: start with the words and phrases you can see, smell, touch, taste, or hear in your head: "Swimming in a pond in the rain."

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Make It Real

More challenging abstract words only make sense when we think of relevant examples: "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

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Activate Pronouns

When students miss a "this" or an "it," they get lost and bored. Connecting pronouns to their antecedents keeps them following the text.

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Navigate with Transitions and Punctuation

Transition words and punctuation marks guide us through the layers of meaning in any text.

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What kind of results can you expect?

  • 53%of studentsreading below grade level went up at least one Zinc level* in just a few weeks.
  • 42%of studentsreading on grade level went up at least one Zinc level* in just a few weeks.
*150-point+ Lexile growth typically takes months.
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