what if



Picture this: It’s the period right after lunch, the bell to start class just rang, and a room is full of tenth graders sitting in complete silence, eyes glued to their screens. No, they’re not watching the latest Logan Paul video on YouTube. They’re reading—and not a graphic novel, scores from the game, or text messages. They’re reading—and understanding—articles from top sites around the web that we adults who love to read visit regularly.

When it’s time to stop reading these educational, thought-provoking, and mind-opening articles, there are loud groans of disappointment. These teens actually want more time to read!*

This scene is not a pipe dream but a reality in classes using Zinc today.

We at Zinc are passionate about creating a world where all students love to read and have the skills to do so successfully, and our online tools are making this mission a reality. We’re a team of former and current educators passionate about the power of advanced literacy and students’ right to an education that equips them with it.

* Based on the following quote from teacher/Zinc user Susan Van Doren:

I use Zinc as a warm-up with my students for the first ten to fifteen minutes of class. Even with the rambunctious after-lunch class, time on Zinc calms the kids down and gets them into student mode. The room gets so quiet that you can hear a pin drop. When it's time to move on from Zinc to the main lesson, I almost don't want to interrupt—I feel like I'm having to wake a sleeping baby. When I do tell them that Zinc time is over, I hear loud groans of disappointment: they actually want more time to read and study vocabulary!