Here's an overview of all of Zinc's reporting:

Reporting dashboard: 

Sample Class Usage and Performance Report

This report gives an at a glance view of student performance.  Filtering by time allows users to track student progress over a given period, like week by week, and to make sure that students are completing free-choice assignments (e.g., "read two articles each week"). Teacher/administrator users can click on the arrow next to an individual student's name to get to his or her in-depth Individual Student Performance Report.

Sample Assignment Performance Report: Articles

This report provides a more in-depth look at how student did on article assessments.  Teachers can quickly see which questions need to be reviewed as a whole class, and since each question aligns to a reading skill (ie tone, main idea, inference, etc.) and Common Core standard, they get insight into which skills and standards should be targeted during instruction.

Sample Assignment Performance Report: Vocabulary

This report shows whether students have completed vocabulary assignments.  Also, it highlights how far they are through Zinc's spaced repetition model.  (In our vocabulary instruction, students must show knowledge of each word six times over two months.)

Class Reading Skills Report: State Standards

This report provides a quick overview of how classes and students are doing on mastery of ELA standards.

Class Reading Skills Report: Zinc skills

This report provides a quick overview of how classes and students are doing on mastery of Zinc skills, which are they reading skills required to comprehend complex text.  They include words in context, tone, data and multimedia, big picture, details, argument and inference.

Individual Student Performance Report

This report dives deep into individual students' performance and areas of weakness and strength.  Students can access their own reports to monitor their own progress and take ownership of their reading growth. Teachers and administrators can also access these reports and easily print them to share them with parents.

Student Quiz

From the Individual Student Report, users can click on the "Student Quiz" icon to see the specifics of quiz performance. They can see the answer choice chosen by the student, the correct answer and the student's prediction.

Leaderboard: Class level

Zinc uses healthy competition to get kids even more motivated to read.  Students can view leaderboards at the class, school and all Zinc level.  Many teachers project the class leaderboard at the front of the room while students are using Zinc to keep them extra engaged.  It's important to note that it's often not the student with the highest GPA who's at the top of the leaderbaord.  Rather, it's the student who's willing to put in the most time and effort.