Big news for our vocabulary games!

We're thrilled to announce that we've launched an entirely new vocab game that blows our old game out of the water and actually works! It's fun, addictive and effective and you're going to DEFINITELY want to use it. 

What's new in the New Vocab:

1. Four new games 

The old game just had one type of gameplay, and we consistently heard from users that it was repetitive and not pedagogically consistent. The new game has 4 different types -- a synonym game, an image game, a definition game, and the old classic, the sentence game -- to foster different connections between words. 

And it's insanely addictive!



2. A word bank

We heard strong feedback from users that it was too hard to have to type in the words from memory. The new game has a word bank to help users recall the words - but they get more points if they don't use it!

word bank.png


3. Assignment functionality

Teachers are now able to assign sets of words to their students. They can also see the status of the assignment - whether the student has started, is in-progress, or completed it, and when they completed it! 

4. More amazing sets of words

If you want to get started quickly, assign your students one of our 40 SAT/ACT Power Words sets!  We've handpicked the 2,000 most frequently-occurring words on the SAT and ACT, and prioritized them so you learn the most important words first. 

In the coming weeks, we'll be adding grade level sets and sets for great works of literature. Reading The Great Gatsby or Pride and Prejudice and want your students to pre-learn the vocabulary in a fun way? We've got you covered! 


5. Custom sets

Easily create custom decks from any of our 3,000 words - either by choosing the specific words or copy/pasting a piece of text (e.g., copy/paste the text from that New Yorker article you were going to send to your student anyway, and they can learn the words before they read!)

Plus you'll be able to see + assign the custom decks made by other teachers!


And more! 

In the coming months, we're going to be giving the reading resources a major overhaul (adding more questions per article, letting students make predictions, associating a vocab deck with each article, and changing the look and feel), adding robust reports, and much more.

We're excited for you to see it!