Big Changes Coming to the SAT (and why they matter)

What do the SAT and the Common Core have to do with each other?

Matt Bardin, the founder and CEO of Zinc Learning Labs, is also an experienced classroom teacher and tutor. In his blog post analyzing the upcoming changes to the SAT, he argues that the test is changing to become an even better educational opportunity for students:

Coleman is a genius. He didn’t take over the College Board to free up time for his hobbies. In less than two years, he has completely rebuilt the SAT to align with his Common Core. Just as educators are beginning to seriously grumble about and predict the demise of the Core (states only adopted it so as to claim federal “Race to the Top” dollars during the recession), Coleman has lashed the test, the SAT, to the Core. He’s aligned test prep with what goes on in school and what colleges demand. With any luck, his new test may actually correlate with students’ college performance – a game changer if he pulls it off, as, amazingly, neither the SAT nor the ACT has ever fulfilled that obvious criteria for a college admissions exam.

 Check out his blog post to learn more.